About Us

Thompson Coins and Collectables was founded in 2021.

After a decade spent in the industry servicing a wide range of clients from beginners to multi-million dollar portfolios I finally made the decision to begin my own business in an industry which I love.

I began my career by spending several years in the Philatelic Bureau for Australia Post (Stamp department). It was here that I first learned that collecting stamps and coins was an incredibly serious pursuit for a number of individuals and it also wasn't long before I began collecting too.

My love of stamps quickly expanded into Numismatics (coins) and it was here that I truly found my place. I progressed to Downies Coins and Collectables and began to service the VIP clients and gained a substantial amount of knowledge and appreciation for what truly makes a collector tick.

From here I took an opportunity to relocate to Sydney for 3 years and managed Town Hall Coins where I studied under David Jobson who handed down many invaluable lessons about coin authentication, history, valuations and much more.

Upon returning to my home town of Melbourne I took up a position as a Senior Numismatist and Manager at the Downies flagship store for another 12 months before its ultimate closure.

Which brings us to today. I am occupying my time fruitfully working in the bullion industry as well as organising all ANDA (Australian Numismatic Dealers Association) shows but can't contain my love for numismatics, so what better way to scratch that itch than to offer my expertise and passion to the community which has already given me so much.

Matthew Thompson - Director