Proclamation/Colonial Coins

Proclamation coins represent a fascinating gateway for any aspiring or established coin collector. You are effectively able to commence two collections at once.

Firstly, you are embarking on a journey which leads you right back to the beginning of Australian coinage, a time before we had a single coin bearing the word "Australia". The core set comprises 11 coins with a number of supplementary options.

Secondly, if you are primarily a collector of Australian coins, a proclamation coin can be a gateway into a number of rewarding areas of collecting coins from a range of nations.

In 1800 the state of New South Wales wasn't quite the thriving metropolis it is today. As a result, upon receiving 132,000 Copper (Cartwheel) Pennies Governor Philip Gidley King addressed the need for increased stability in the economy. This came in the form of a proclamation which attributed set values to a variety of coins which were commonly circulating within the colony.

The below table outlines the original 11 coins and their newly established values
Coin Denomination
British Guinea 1 Pound 2 Shillings
Indian Rupee 2 Shillings 6 Pence
Dutch Guilder 2 Shillings
English Shilling 1 Shilling 1 Penny
Copper Coin of 1oz (Cartwheel Penny) 2 Pence
Dutch Ducat 9 Shillings 6 Pence
Indian Pagoda 8 Shillings
Half Johanna 2 Pounds
Indian Mohur 1 Pound 17 Shillings 6 Pence
Spanish Dollar (8 Reales) 5 Shillings
Johanna 4 Pounds