$1 Currency Crossroads Last Paper Note First Coin Limited Edition Pack

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Crossroads of Australian currency…

Representing a major milestone on the highway of Australian currency history, the Last Note, First Coin $1 Pack marks the demise of the $1 note, and the birth of the $1 coin.

The last Australian $1 banknote…

The first Australian currency issue to honour aboriginal culture, Australia’s paper $1 note was unveiled at decimalisation in 1966, and last issued from 1982. The last Australian $2 note carried the facsimile signatures of Bob Johnston, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and John Stone, Secretary to the Treasury. The demise of the $1 note was attributable to the impact of inflation, and the greater durability and cost-effectiveness of its ultimate replacement – the aluminium-bronze $1 coin.

The first Australian $1 coin…

Although the removal of the much-loved $1 note created some controversy, the new $1 coin quickly endeared itself to the Australian public. Apart from being the first to carry Stuart Devlin’s superb ‘Mob of Kangaroos’ design, the utterly unique 1984 $1 is also notable as the only circulating $1 coin to carry the original decimal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – designed by Arnold Machin.