1756 Mexico 8 Reales Ferdinando VI gVF

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The 8 Reales is an iconic coin known across the globe by many collectors.

Not only was this coin the host for the iconic Holey Dollar and Dump of 1813. The imagery tells quite the tale on this particular coin.

It is widely accepted that the pillars with the entwining script formed the basis for the dollar symbol ($).

In addition to this, the two globes represent the old and new world, the pillars were put in place to mark the gateway between the two worlds by Hercules.

If that is not fascinating enough, the 8 Reales also makes up one of the proclamation series.

Crowned arms shield flanked by value and initials.

Crowned hemispheres flanked by crowned pillars.

*note: edge knock on obverse in 4 o'clock position*
Mint Mexico City
Krause Reference KM#104.2
Grade good Very Fine