1800s 5 Pound London Chartered Bank of Australia Uniface Specimen EF

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The London Chartered Bank of Australia (from 1893 the London Bank of Australia) was an English-run Australian bank which operated from 1852 to 1921.

'SPECIMEN' is overprinted on notes such as these to identify them as not being intended for circulation. Specimen notes are quite scarce and generally found in higher grades due to their status as non circulating notes.

This uniface specimen note is a great example of the beautiful artistry which many of our older notes featured prominently.

Pre Federation notes are an area of collecting which I believe is underrated and often undervalued. It is a sector which offers a great deal of research opportunity which is both rewarding and engaging. Owning a piece of Australian monetary history such as this is something I am privileged and proud to be able to offer.