1860 Hogarth & Erichsen, Sydney Silver Threepence VF

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Julius Hogarth and Conrad Erichsen were Sydney-based jewelers who created a number of threepence and fourpence coins for circulation in the mid 1800's.

Their workshop existed from 1854 until it's ultimate closure in 1861. These threepence coins are highly sought after in the early Australian coinage collecting communities due to both their rarity and the historical significance of both Hogarth and Erichsen in Australian craftsmanship.

Julius Hogarth was also responsible for the 1871/2 Melbourne overdate sovereigns. He was the craftsman employed to make the alterations to the 1871 Melbourne sovereign dies.

After the partnership was dissolved, Hogarth did significant work for Stokes in Melbourne, producing amongst other pieces 'The reverse of some very fair medals for the Exhibition in Melbourne in 1872.

Renniks Australian and New Zealand Token Values Guide reference A.691 - upset (medal alignment which means the axis of the coin is vertical as opposed to horizontal)