1880 Foundation Stone Melbourne International Exhibition Gold Medal aEF

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Engraved "The Hon F Longmore MP Commissioner 19.2.79" holed at top which slightly interferes with obverse legend


Text “Melbourne International Exhibition”
Below “1880 Foundation Stone Commemoration Medal”

Image of the International Exhibition Building along with the southern cross constellation in the top right hand field.

Note: previously seen examples generally have usual holing at 90° to the legend.

Francis Longmore (1826-1898) emigrated to Sydney with his mother from Ireland and took up farming around Dapto. He moved to Melbourne as a commission agent in 1852 and undertook several other pursuits until his death. He was an MLA for Ripon and Hampden from 1st Nov 1864 to 1st Feb 1883, and for Dandenong and Berwick from 1st Oct 1894 to 1st Sept 1897.