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French Indochina, a colonial amalgamation in Southeast Asia, held pivotal historical significance until its dissolution in 1954. Comprising Cambodia, Laos, and regions of Vietnam, its formation began with French annexation in 1862 and expanded through protectorates. French rule exploited regional resources while initiating health and education enhancements. Tensions between colonists and natives fuelled periodic uprisings. Post-WWII, Japanese occupation prompted Vietnamese independence efforts, sparking the First Indochina War. Despite French attempts, defeat at Điện Biên Phủ led to the 1954 Geneva Accord, compelling French withdrawal and the end of French Indochina, reshaping the region's geopolitical landscape.

In 1911, French Indochina faced colonial governance and exploitation by France. The region experienced growing nationalist sentiments among its native populations, laying the groundwork for future anti-colonial movements. Economic exploitation persisted, while the French continued to consolidate control over Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnamese territories.