1920s Coin & Banknote Commemorative Folder Fine-Very Fine

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Capture the essence of the Roaring 20s with this deluxe folder, uniting two sought-after Australian predecimal issues!

The 1920s Coin & Banknote Commemorative Folder pairs the 1927 Canberra Florin with the Riddle/Heathershaw £1 Banknote. These two notable issues of predecimal Australian currency are highly sought-after by collectors, and also paint an excellent picture of Australia during the post-war boom.

The 1927 Canberra Florin was Australia's first-ever commemorative. It's also one of our most beautiful coins. Issued for the opening of Parliament House on May 9, 1927, it features a superb reverse motif of the building's façade in its full glory. We have Royal Mint Designer and Medallist George Kruger Gray to thank for this beautifully composed, elegant design.

Presented here in Very Fine, it's easy to appreciate Kruger Gray's masterpiece. It's also easy to understand why Australians queued in droves to secure this attractive piece of history for their very own!

The Riddle/Heathershaw £1 banknote was frequently circulated during the economic boom. This sought-after signature combination began to appear on notes in 1927. With the passing of King George V in 1932, the Riddle/Heathershaw £1 became one of the final £1 notes issued during his reign.

Issued in small numbers, this note is rare in any grade. Typically removed from circulation within 15 months of issue, Riddle/Heathershaw £1 notes suffered a huge amount of wear and tear from frequent use. Hard to find today, the example in your portfolio is in pleasing Fine to Very Fine condition.

Housed in an elegant presentation folder, you'll be able to view and store your new acquisitions with ease. The folder is also richly informative, providing you with a museum-style experience at your fingertips, every time.