1925 Penny aFine w/ Verdigris

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1925 is one of the 3 main key dates in the penny series. 1925 is the second most sought after date right behind the 1930. A limited mintage led to a lack of availability for the collecting community which is why you will often encounter near complete collections missing this date.

In higher grades the 1925 is a highly valuable and collectable piece, in this lower grade it is definitely what I would class as a temporary space filler in a collection. Suiting for filling the gap and allowing the satisfaction of advancing the collection.

Verdigris is something that collectors tend to steer clear of as it can spread to other coins if the host coin is not isolated from the broader collection.

It is the greenish/blueish tinge on copper coins which generally occurs over long periods of time due to oxidisation or exposure to seawater (this is why shipwreck recovered coins are often loaded with verdigris)

1925 Penny
Weight 9.45 grams
Composition 97% Copper, 2.5% Zinc 0.5% Tin
Mint Melbourne
Grade about Fine