1929 Perth Mint Sovereign PCGS MS62

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In 1929, Perth, Australia, was experiencing economic growth and expansion, driven by the gold mining boom in nearby areas. The city saw significant infrastructure development, including the opening of the Perth Amboy Bus Company. However, the Great Depression began affecting the economy, leading to financial hardships for many residents and businesses.

PCGS, or Professional Coin Grading Service, is a third-party coin grading company that evaluates and assigns a numerical grade to coins based on their condition and authenticity. The grading process involves a team of experts who carefully examine and analyse every detail of the coin to determine its grade. The PCGS encapsulates the graded coins in a tamper-evident holder to protect and preserve the coin's condition and authenticity. The PCGS grading system has become a trusted and widely recognised standard for coin grading in the numismatic industry.


King George V

St George and the Dragon

Mint Perth
Grade MS62