1930 Penny XF40

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The most iconic coin in Australian collecting history. The 1930 penny embodies a multitude of desirable traits sought after by many collectors and investors alike.

Struck in the great depression and in comparatively miniscule numbers, the famous 1930 penny was not actually identified as a key date for collectors until the mid 1940’s when articles began to circulate which speculated the date was a common gap in most penny collections.

An explanation for the delayed realization of the rarity of the 1930 penny may be due to the inability for many average citizens to collect pennies. The depression rendered many households devoid of expendable income and collecting currency would have been temporarily relegated to the more affluent members of society.

It is not known precisely how many 1930 pennies were struck but it is widely accepted that the figure is in the range of 1,500 to 3,000. Compared to the 1929 mintage of 2.59 million and 1931 of just under half a million it begins to become clear that this penny is quite unusual.

It is a privilege to handle coins of this calibre and be part of the ongoing history of a higher quality example is truly humbling.