1934/35 Melbourne Centenary Florin Foys Bag gEF (one of the finest known)

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Note: This is the bag only, without the coin.

A must have for any Melbourne Centenary Florin collector!

The Foys envelopes were distributed at both the Melbourne and Perth Foy and Gibson outlets to customers in the wake of the lacklustre engagement of the community when the commemorative florins were originally offered at a 1 shilling premium.

It is widely accepted that only a few hundred of these bags remain in the hands of collectors these days and and such they are often hard to come by in higher quality (if at all!)

This bag is in extraordinary condition and is the finest example I have been able to locate in several years of actively seeking out unique items relating to the Melbourne centenary celebrations. I have only ever seen one other bag which does not exhibit a central fold. 

Feel free to watch this informative video for additional information on the Foys Bags