1937 Crown about Uncirculated in Card

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The 1937 Crown is Australia's largest circulating coin. Issued to commemorate the coronation of George VI, this 38.50mm show-stopper certainly captured the majesty of the occasion! However, it was a failure in the eyes of the public, as it was too bulky to be practical as a circulating coin.

Prized by collectors today, the 1937 Crown is both beautiful to look at, and steeped in history. In stunning about Uncirculated condition, as here, it would form the ultimate centerpiece to any Predecimal collection.

Struck at the Melbourne Mint from sterling silver, the 1937 Crown was issued with a mintage of just one million. Betrayed by its precious metal composition, this attractive coin was frequently melted down for its intrinsic metal value. As a result, sourcing high-grade examples is becoming increasingly difficult.