1966 Proof Set PCGS 64-66 with Near Perfect Box

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1966 marked the introduction of decimal currency to Australia. February 14 was known as the official "changeover" day.

Often the 1966 blue boxes turn up with various scuffs and marks on them. The inner lining also tends to be marred by an orangey toning.

This box is in pristine condition which is more than can be said for a number of the coins accompanying it.

Several of the coins are heavily toned which may appeal to some collectors and deter others. The set has been priced accordingly with the appeal of the box and toning of the coins all of which are in PCGS slabs.

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) is a highly regarded third party grading service founded in 1985 which has encapsulated and graded tens of millions of coins.

Note: small chip in the side of the box which is in otherwise exceptional condition.