$2 Currency Crossroads Last Paper Note First Coin Limited Edition Pack

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Australia’s currency crossroads…

A stunning synthesis of history, presentation, quality and value, the Last Note, First Coin $2 Pack is a must-have for every collector – and a great gift!

Australia’s last $2 banknote…

Driven from use by inflation, and by the obvious contrast in cost efficiency when compared with a possible $2 coin, Australia’s $2 banknote was consigned to the pages of history in the 1980s. Unlike our current polymer notes, the last $2 was printed on paper. This key Australian banknote was issued from 1985, and carried facsimiles of the signatures of Bob Johnston, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and Secretary to the Treasury, Bernie Fraser.

Australia’s first $2 coin…

The $2 coin that replaced the note was crafted from aluminium-bronze, and was rightly considered a more durable, more economical alternative. Recognising Australia’s indigenous heritage, and depicting an aboriginal elder beneath the Southern Cross, the first $2 was struck by the Royal Australian Mint in 1988 – the year that marked the bicentenary of European Settlement.