2016 50th Anniversary Battles of Coral and Balmoral 50c PNC

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PNC - Philatelic Numismatic Cover (Stamp and Coin Cover)

2018 Battles of Coral and Balmoral 50 years 50c PNC

This year mark One of the most significant battles of the Vietnam War for Australia was at the Fire Support Bases of Coral and Balmoral. 

In May 1968, Coral was established 20km north of Bien Hoa to cover foot patrols and to intercept the enemy withdrawing from their assaults on Saigon. 

Within hours of the Australians establishing Coral on 12 May, the hastily prepared perimeter was attacked. In the desperate close-quarters fighting that ensued, the Australians were able to drive the North Vietnamese back, with the assistance of mortar and artilery fire. 

Coral was again heavily attacked on the night of 15 May, with less intense assaults in the following weeks. Later in May, Balmoral was established 4.5km to the north.

Again, the North Vietnamese attacked shortly after the base's establishment on 24-25 May. Australian firepower strengthened by the arrival of tanks repelled the assault. 

A further incursion, on 28 May, resulted in heavy losses for the attackers.

By 6 June, the assaults had ceased in a battle that was costly for both sides.