2016 Great Britain UK The Last Round Pound BU Coin

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2016 marks the end of an era in Britain's coinage as The Royal Mint issues the last round pound. The coin was introduced in 1983 and has been decorated with patriotic designs for more than three decades. The round pound will make way for a new 12-sided coin in 2017 but not before it has a final send off. The round £1 coin will begin to be phased out in 2016, so this farewell coin will not enter circulation, however, you have an opportunity to own the last round pound before it passes from currency to history. The heraldic beasts of the United Kingdom have been captured on this last edition of the round £1 coin in an original design by Gregory Cameron. His mythical creatures, each representing one of the home nations, have been finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard - a finish superior to circulating coins. The coin is housed in a fold-out presentation pack to protect and display this final release of the last round pound.