2019 50th Anniversary of Moon Landing $1 PNC

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The successful landing of American spacecraft Apollo 11’s Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon in 1969 was a tremendous achievement for mankind. Broadcast thanks in part to Australia’s CSIRO Parkes radio telescope and NASA’s Honeysuckle Creek tracking station near Canberra, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were watched by more than half a billion people as they took their first steps on the Moon’s surface. Portraying iconic images of NASA’s Saturn V launch rocket, this appealing coin and card set celebrates 50 years since mankind’s greatest space adventure.

Landmark Design

The coin’s reverse depicts the NASA launch rocket Saturn V in front of a representation of the Moon and the Earth. Also included in the design is the inscription ‘MOON LANDING 1969-2019’ and The Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

Official Commemorative Postal Numismatic Cover

The coin is housed in a pictorial envelope featuring a photograph of NASA’s Saturn V launch rocket during take-off. Affixed to the envelope are two official Australia Post $1 stamps depicting the CSIRO Parkes Radio telescope and an astronaut in front of the Moon. The stamps are postmarked with a themed postmark for the first day of issue, 16 July 2019 Parkes NSW 2870, where the telescope is located.