2019 Fiji 1oz Silver Monuments by Moonlight Easter Island Ultra High Relief Proof

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A Coin that Pays Tribute to the Chiseled Features of Easter Island!

Silent and foreboding, the gigantic head-shaped monuments that dominate the grassy slopes of Easter Island aren’t meant to be menacing. There are nearly 1,000 oversized heads called moai that were placed there sometime after A.D. 1100 by the local inhabitants. When Europeans first set foot on the Polynesian island on Easter Sunday in 1722, few inhabitants were left to explain the significance of the megalithic statues. Still shrouded in mystery to this day, who knows what ancient secrets the moai still guard?

If you thought the statues of Easter Island were mysterious during the day, check out this coin! The second coin in the Monuments by Moonlight series, it’s struck in a full ounce of highly pure 99.9% silver, the coin depicts Easter Island at midnight, a gigantic full moon silently hovering in the sky above a group of the famous moai statues. The strange appearance is even more mysterious thanks the coin’s magnificent Ultra High Relief, allowing the stone monuments to rise off the shimmering field! Visitors don’t usually get to see these centuries-old sculptures in such an eerie light, but now YOU can thanks to the Monuments by Moonlight series!

And the design is simply superb on this coin. In fact, each 2019 Fiji One-Ounce Silver Monuments by Moonlight Easter Island Ultra High Relief Proof available in this offer comes in gorgeous Proof condition, meaning they have been expertly crafted from hand-selected planchets, polished dies and multiple strikes to produce beautifully frosted details rising over mirror-like fields.

Note: there are small amounts of sticky tape on the outer box as per images.