2019 Next Generation $20 Banknote Folder

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The commemorative folder contains one uncirculated $20 banknote from the new polymer series, housed in a clear window. The folder depicts artwork used on the banknote.

The new Australian $20 banknote is the latest release of Australia’s next generation of banknotes. Key aspects of the existing $20 banknote design have been retained including the colour, size and people portrayed (Mary Reibey and Reverend John Flynn).

To help keep Australia’s banknotes secure from counterfeiting into the future, the new $20 banknote displays the same range of innovative security features as shown on the new $5, $10 and $50 banknotes, including the distinctive top-to-bottom window, flying Kookaburra, reversing ‘20’ and rolling colour effect. The tactile feature continues to assist the vision-impaired community to identify the value of different denominations of banknotes.