2019 Royal Visit Florin $10 Gold-Plated 5oz Silver Proof Coin

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The Royal Visit Florin 2019 $10 Gold-Plated 5oz Silver Proof is a big coin – with a tiny mintage. Just 500 have been struck.

This means that there are just 500 opportunities – worldwide – to secure this show-stopping coin. If you are successful, it also means that you’ll be one of a highly privileged few. Just 499 other collectors on the planet will know how it feels to be able to admire this coin’s lustrous, 65mm flan – day or night. Anytime, anywhere.

Here is your chance to be one of just 500. Will you take it?


Sometimes, a modern riff on a classic can be entirely welcome. The Royal Visit Florin 2019 $10 Gold-Plated 5oz Silver Proof Coin is the proof.

Its striking reverse design is a faithful facsimile of that of the 1954 Royal Visit Florin. A lion and a kangaroo stand shoulder to shoulder, a symbolic nod to the occasion being commemorated. Designer William Leslie Bowles’ design was simple, almost too simple, and did not escape criticism upon release. But captured in High Relief Proof quality – and enhanced by lustrous precious metal – it is elevated to a league of its own.

Five ounces of 99.9% pure silver form the ultimate canvas for Bowles’ design. On a 65mm flan – rather than the traditional 28.50mm – the motif becomes bolder, more striking.

Each small detail is accentuated by the High Relief Proof strike. The lion’s rippling musculature. The kangaroo’s paws. And enhanced by selective, 24-carat gold plating, the design truly comes alive.


65 years ago next year, on the 3rd of February, 1954, a 27 year-old Queen Elizabeth II made her first steps onto Australian soil. It was a huge moment.

This was the first time a reigning British monarch had visited Australia. It was also the first live event to be televised in Australia. A crowd of close to one million onlookers flocked to Farm Cove, Sydney – at a time when Sydney’s population was just over 1.86 million.

It was monumental.

Over a whirlwind 58 days, Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh visited 57 cities and towns across the country. It’s estimated that over 75% of Australia’s population turned up to catch a glimpse of its monarch in person. Planning had been in progress for years – though originally for a visit from King George VI. Sadly, the King’s declining health – and subsequent passing – would mean that his daughter would take those historic first steps onto land in his stead.

Issued to commemorate the event, the 1954 Royal Visit Florin reminds us of a landmark moment in Australian history.

Now nearly 65 years later, we celebrate with a tribute to this predecimal commemorative that is truly fit for a Queen.