2020 $10 Eureka C Mintmark 1/10oz Gold Proof

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The discovery of gold in Australia set off a wild chain of events that ultimately led to Federation and the development of modern Australia. In the Victorian city of Bendigo, Chinese prospectors came to find gold and brought with them Gum Loong, or Golden Dragon, a magnificent Imperial dancing dragon. Loong and his two dragon descendants still reside in Bendigo today.

By 1854, there were approximately 5,000 Chinese residents on the goldfields at Bendigo. Despite prevalent anti-Chinese sentiment, many Chinese miners stayed to make their homes in the region.

In 1869, the Bendigo community held the first annual Easter Procession and two years later, the Chinese community were invited to participate. Gum Loong, the Imperial dragon was imported from China by the Bendigo Chinese Association to perform dragon dances during the parades. The dance performances raised funds for local charities – a way for the Bendigo Chinese Association to contribute back to the community and a tangible link with their Chinese heritage.

The contributions made to Australia’s development by new and growing communities during the gold rushes are celebrated in this stunning 2020 $10 ‘C’ Mintmark gold proof coin.