2021 Demigods Heracles 2oz Antique Silver Ultra High Relief Coin

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Embarking on a journey through Greek mythology unveils Hercules, the unmatched demigod born of Zeus and a mortal. His valor, might, wit, and stratagem have woven him into the tapestry of legend, leaving an indelible mark upon ancient Greece.

Among his myriad exploits, a titanic clash with the centaur Nessus stands vividly captured on a rare coin. This coin offers a glimpse into the epic confrontation that sealed Hercules' legacy.

The coin's design transports observers to a realm where gods and monsters collide. With ultra-high relief, Hercules and Nessus grapple in a harrowing struggle, their conflict imbued with symbolism and narrative depth. Legend intertwines with craftsmanship, echoing the enduring power of storytelling through each unique coin.

This is the third release in the Demigods series and features Heracles (Hercules). This coin features a genuine red garnet insert and has a mintage of 650 coins.

Coin Highlights:
  • Mintage limited to 650 coins.
  • Each coin contains 2 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Comes in a box with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Obverse: Depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and $2 denomination.
  • Reverse: Features Hercules fighting a centaur. Below the scene container of wine, with the red garnet representing the wine.