2021 Kangaroo Series - Outback Majesty Frosted Uncirculated 1oz Silver Coin

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The title Outback Majesty evokes images of Australia’s arid centre, the epic Never Never and its undisputed king – the ubiquitous kangaroo. 

The designer was given an open brief to create a coin that celebrates the iconic kangaroo as the majestic king of the outback. The expansive and arid beauty of Australia’s red centre and the ever-present sun are stunningly represented in the design with strong geometric shapes that are rich with textural detail. While the noble kangaroo, in mid bound takes its rightful place in the centre on the coin. Each muscle and nuanced angle lovingly rendered in elegant shallow relief.

Now in its twenty-eighth year, the Royal Australian Mint’s Kangaroo Series continues to highlight their dedication to excellence in all the numismatic crafts and the unique beauty of the Australia’s most iconic marsupial.

Note: This is the single frosted uncirculated coin in capsule only, (there was also a proof version in a box with a certificate of authenticity.)