2021 Wombat 1oz Silver Coin

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The Perth Mint is delighted to add the 2021 Australian Wombat to its outstanding range of silver bullion coins celebrating iconic Australian marsupials. The wombat is a sturdy quadruped found in forested, mountainous and heathland areas of eastern Australia and Tasmania. 

With powerful limbs and sharp flat claws, it is ideally built for digging. At up to one meter in length, it is one of the largest burrowing animals in the world. 

Like kangaroos and koalas, the wombat nurtures its young inside a pouch. Unlike its marsupial cousins, however, the female’s specially adapted pouch from the rear so as to better protect its young during tunnelling.

This 2021 Australian Wombat is perfect for astute investors seeking 99.99% pure silver in the trusted physical format of Australian legal tender.