2023 Austria The Language of Flowers - The Chamomile 10 Euro 1/2oz Silver Proof Coin

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Like all the coins in The Language of Flowers series, The Chamomile features an imprint of real flowers. Faithful to the tiniest detail, they are pressed using a special technique that captures them in their natural state. In the language of flowers, chamomile signifies ‘strength in difficult situations’ and ‘energy in adversity”. This makes perfect sense given chamomile’s numerous healing and magical properties, uplifting scent and delightful daisy-like flowers.

Next to an ornamental side image of chamomiles, which is stylishly printed in colour, the coin’s reverse features imprints of real chamomiles in bloom. On the coin’s obverse, chamomile flowers adorn the hair of a determined-looking young woman who symbolises vitality. On her shoulder sits a phoenix, a mythical bird that has stood for renewal and rebirth since ancient times. Beyond her the silhouette of a spear is visible.

2023 1/2oz Austria The Language of Flowers Series - The Chamomile - 10 Euro Silver Proof Coin has a limited mintage of 30,000 coins.