2023 Creatures of the Deep Limited-Edition Large PNC

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CSIRO’s research vessel (RV) Investigator enables exploration of the deep-sea and ocean abyss of Australia’s expansive marine territories. Since the ship was commissioned in 2014, scientists have discovered and studied many extraordinary creatures adapted to living under immense pressure in the dark, cold water several kilometres below the surface of the ocean. This cover features just a few amazing animals of the deep found during RV Investigator research voyages. These include the smooth-head blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus), the monkey brittle star (Amphiophiura bullata), a spiny king crab (Neolithodes bronwynae), the threadfin dragonfish (Echiostoma barbatum) and the tripod fish (Bathypterois grallator). The reverse of the $1 coin depicts RV Investigator, CSIRO’s deep tow camera, along with a brittle star (class Ophiuroidea), gold coral (genus Chrysogor gia) and a king crab (Neolithodes flindersi).

Number 165/500


  • Large embellished cover size 230 x 162mm
  • Stamp and cover design: Jason Watts, Australia Post Design Studio
  • Stamp photograph: Museums Victoria/Asher Flatt (sea cucumber)
  • Cover photographs and outlines: Museums Victoria/Robert Zugaro (smooth-head blobfish, monkey brittle star, threadfin dragonfish, king crab, tripod fish)
  • CSIRO/Karen Gowlett-Holmes (seastar, octopus, brittle star)