2024 $10 Creatures of the Abyss 5oz Silver Proof

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The 2024 $10 Creatures of the Abyss 5oz Silver Proof is a groundbreaking coin that takes a dive into the very latest minting techniques to reveal the secrets of the ocean’s darkest depths. Underpinned by its massive size, precious metal purity, and mesmerising exclusivity of just 
350 coins worldwide, this Proof will make a splash in modern numismatics!

Boasting an impressive 5oz of PURE 99.9% SILVER, the 65mm reverse is a window into an underwater abyss. The anglerfish’s bioluminescent illicium, or rod, illuminates the terrifying denizens of the deep, including the lanternfish, fangtooth, viperfish and hatchet fish. These species 
exist within the gloomy bathypelagic zone of the oceans, between 300 and 1,500 meters. At this depth, there is no light and the water is near freezing!

The spine-chilling effect of the coin’s design is achieved by the clever use of deep black gradient Digital Colour, which allows the detailed features of these mysterious creatures to emerge from the darkness in a spectacularly realistic manner. The more you peer into this legal 
tender wonder, the more you discover!

Extremely exclusive, with mintage limited to just 350 coins, and beautifully presented, with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, we strongly advise snap yours up now! This original masterpiece will have collectors hooked.