2024 Australia at Night Rock Wallaby $1 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin

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The rock wallaby is the latest Aussie creature to feature in the iconic Australia at Night series! The 2024 $1 Rock Wallaby 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin illuminates this delightful creature in a stunning interplay of sparkling silver and BLACK PROOF FINISH that has become the defining feature of this extremely popular series!
An adorable Aussie native, rock wallabies inhabit in the cliffs and caves of the Australia's Great Dividing Range - from southwest Queensland to Victoria’s Grampians. These lithe creatures are largely active in the cool night, and the pristine velvety Black Proof finish of this 99.9% PURE SILVER Niue legal tender coin is an inspired nod to the rock wallaby’s nocturnal environment.

The rocky outcrops and cliffs are meticulously rendered. The contrast of sparkling silver and black brings the rock wallabies to life under the light of a full moon – lending an aura of intimacy and magic to the scene! In equal parts beautiful, rare and superbly struck, this must-have coin will be as sought after as its predecessors! Limited to a mere 1,000 examples, the 2024 $1 Rock Wallaby 1oz Silver Black Proof is an essential addition to one of the most quintessentially Aussie collections in the world.