2024 Britannia UK Six-Coin Silver Proof Set

2024 Britannia UK Six-Coin Silver Proof Set

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The proud figure of Britannia has represented Britain for centuries, symbolising values held dear by the nation, such as strength, resilience and fortitude. The Romans made Britannia a symbol of Britain, and she first featured on coins circa ad 119 under the rule of Emperor Hadrian. Disappearing after the wane of the Roman Empire, the figure re-emerged in the Elizabethan period and came to represent Britain’s maritime power. Since the reign of Charles II, Britannia has featured on the reverse of coins during the reign of every ensuing British monarch.

Perpetuating Britannia’s legacy on coins, the Britannia 2024 UK commemorative coin features the official coinage portrait of His Majesty King Charles III on its obverse. For the reverse, award-winning French author and illustrator Marie-Alice Harel has created a modern interpretation of Britannia. The figure is poised above an oncoming wave into which her plumed helmet flows to represent her historic connection with the sea


  • A mainstay of British coinage for three centuries, Britannia returns for 2024 
  • The reverse features a new interpretation of the legendary figure by Marie-Alice Harel 
  • The coin is available individually in various editions as well as in premium sets 
  • Available in a variety of editions, the coin is struck to Proof standard in 999.9 fine gold and 999 fine silver, with certain silver editions featuring reverse frosting