2024 Signs of Zodiac 5oz Silver Proof Coin

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Unlock the mysteries of the cosmos with the 2024 $10 Zodiac 5oz Silver Proof Coin . A celestial masterpiece in a substantial 5oz 99.9% PURE SILVER - destined to be the star of your collection. Journey through the zodiac and discover the beauty of ancient wisdom fused with modern minting.

The origins of the modern Zodiac, an ancient sky map of mythical figures linked to our birthdates, stretches back to Babylonian astronomy and was later adopted by the ancient Greeks. Intertwining the heavens and human fate through the constellations, each star sign is a symbol of the cosmic energies that guide many in understanding the universe's influence on our lives.

With a grand 65mm diameter, this legal tender coin showcases the best of numismatic artistry! Discover a portal into a breathtaking, FULL DIGITAL COLOUR constellation, surrounded by all twelve zodiac signs, struck to spectacular Proof quality. Crafted in exceptional detail, collectors and believers alike will delight in identifying their sign within the artful silver montage on the reverse… The two faces of Gemini frame the 

archway; Aquarius, the water-bearer, gracefully bestows her gift; Virgo stands in gentle elegance and Sagittarius aims with celestial precision. Scorpio's sting looms beneath Leo's regal mane, Taurus, the bull, exudes strength; while Aries, the ram, charges with daring. There are also Libra's scales, Pisces' fish, the crab of Cancer, and Capricorn, the mythical creature that is part-goat, part-fish. 

With a worldwide mintage strictly limited to just 400 coins, don't miss your chance to own this cosmic wonder. With a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and beautifully presented, this coin will take your collection to celestial heights.