2024 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Proof High Relief Coin

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Symbolic significance

The dragon is a creature of exceptional importance in Chinese culture and Eastern mythology. Regarded as a divine, wise, and benevolent being, it is a symbol of power, wealth, and success. To be born in the Year of the Dragon is considered particularly lucky. Bestowed with instinctive bravery, persistence, and intelligence, dragons are said to be ambitious, charismatic, and natural leaders.

High relief design

Struck in high relief, the coin portrays a serpentine-shaped dragon and a flaming pearl, a symbol of wisdom. The reverse art includes references to the dragon’s control of the elements with stylised waves and water cascading from its mouth. Also incorporated in the design is the Chinese character for ‘dragon’, the inscription ‘DRAGON 2024’, and a ‘P125’ mintmark signifying The Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary in 2024.