Alfred Holt and Company (Blue Funnel Line) Badge

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The emblem for TSS Ulysses, a vessel operated by Alfred Holt and Company (Blue Funnel Line), takes the form of an enamel and metal badge resembling a ship's wheel. It features the inscription "TSS Ulysses" encircling a blue and white flag adorned with the letters AH.

Following the success of the Aeneas, Ascanius, and Anchises, Holt's Blue Funnel Line commissioned two larger ships, the Nestor and Ulysses, for their passenger and cargo service to Australia. Completed in 1913, these vessels initially accommodated 275 first-class passengers, a capacity later increased to 338. They became regular fixtures in Hobart during the fruit season. Unfortunately, Ulysses met its end during World War II when it was torpedoed off the coast of Florida in April 1942.