Australia 1943 Hay Internment Camp 2 Shilling aUNC

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Minted by R. Arendeen & Sons Pty Ltd in Malvern, Victoria and issued by The Department of Army for use within the confines of various internment camps around Australia.

The 1943 Australian Two Shilling Internment Token stands as a poignant artifact from World War II, testifying to a challenging chapter in Australian history. These tokens, bearing the inscription "internment camps" on one side and the denomination of "two shillings" on the reverse, were issued by the Department of Army during a period of heightened security and internment.

Within the confines of internment camps, these tokens played a vital role, enabling detainees to engage in essential transactions. Each token serves as a somber reminder of the hardships endured during wartime, while also highlighting the bureaucratic measures undertaken to maintain order. These tokens are enduring symbols of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.