Australia at Night 2023 $1 Flying Fox 1oz Silver Black Proof Coin

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Introducing a highly anticipated new coin in the Australia at Night series! The fantastic flying fox is our latest muse, revealed up-close in 99.9% PURE SILVER! Our newest design is magically enhanced by the signature Black Proof finish synonymous with this popular series that shines a light on Australia’s nocturnal wonders…

Your Australia at Night collection would be sorely lacking without this enthralling air borne mammal! Four species of flying fox are native to mainland Australia, found in mostly northern and eastern temperate climates and sub-tropical coastal areas.
Instantly recognisable as that shadowy presence in the night sky (and from the unmistakable chatter emanating from the tree tops when the sun goes down). Intelligent and highly social, the flying fox is extremely vocal, boasting almost 30 different calls.
A champion of our native forests, this hard-working bat does its part by ensuring cross pollination, distributing pollen and seeds across large distances. Not only essential, the 2023 $1 Flying Fox 1oz Silver Black Proof coin is also a singularly exquisite piece of legal tender! Although familiar from afar, these creatures are extremely illusive and it’s a rare opportunity indeed to examine them closely.

Now you can! Viewed from up-close, the flying fox is surprisingly cute, with their canine-like faces, large eyes and impressive, leathery wings – all immaculately captured in this phenomenal coin. The pristine, velvety black Proof finish contrasts enchantingly with the sparkling silver, instantly bringing this mysterious creature to life under the light of a full moon! In equal parts exclusive, eye-catching and precious, this must-have coin will be as sought after as its predecessors! Limited to a mere 1,000 examples worldwide you will want to secure yours before the sun sets on this opportunity!