Australian $10 Banknote Type Set Folder

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Ever since its introduction in 1966, the $10 banknote has played a key role in Australian currency history. Here’s your chance to secure a comprehensive overview of this critical note, with an example of every standard Australian $10 type! Better yet, all notes are in strictly Uncirculated quality.

Collecting banknotes by ‘type’ – without reference to signature combination or date – has always been popular. However, it’s impossible to put together a complete $10 type set from circulation. Here’s why.

The two paper $10 types were replaced more than 25 years ago. And the unique, one-year-only 1988 $10 Bicentenary commemorative type is virtually never seen in change. You may still come across the more recent $10 types, but they will not be in strictly Uncirculated quality.

It’s this that makes this set a must-have for the serious collector.

In your set, you’ll find an example of all five $10 banknote types. This includes the extremely scarce $10 ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ banner type, issued from 1966 to 1972. The set naturally also includes the $10 ‘Australia’ banner type, issued from 1974 until the paper $10 was replaced by polymer in the 1990s. The 1988 $10 Bicentenary commemorative note and first non-commemorative $10 polymer type are also included, along with the new Next Generation $10 type.

Every note is available in Uncirculated quality and presented within a high-quality hardback portfolio.