Banks Of Issue In Australia Hardcover Book By Mick-Vort Ronald

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This is the definitive reference book on Australia's currency through to the early 1900s.

Michael Vort-Ronald is without peer when it comes to researching and writing about Australian banknotes. His passion for this area of our numismatic history has seen him unearth a huge amount of information on the background of all of Australia's banknotes, from the time before Federation to the present day.

Banks of Issue was his third book on Australia's circulating paper currency, and it filled a large void in the market for a publication that covered all of Australia's privately-issued currency dated earlier than the 1900s.

Between these covers you'll find:

  • A comprehensive list of all of the "Banks of Issue" in Australia;
  • Background information on the history of each bank;
  • A comprehensive list of the different notes issued by each bank;
  • Extensive technical information on the different varieties of notes issued by each bank; and
  • Background information on the superscribed series of notes issued from 1910 onwards;

If you collect or are intending to collect Australian pre-federation notes, you simply must get a copy of this book. Not only does it make for great reading, but it also contains an absolute panorama of information that'll support and assist you in your collecting decisions