Birds of Australia 2024 $1 Rainbow Lorikeet 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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The fourth release of the landmark Birds of Australia series, the 2024 Rainbow Lorikeet 1oz Silver Proof , is a MUST-HAVE! One of Australia’s most colourful birds will soar into collections in a spectacle of exclusivity and eye-catching design…

John Gould, the 'Father of Australian Ornithology', is honoured with the JG privymark on the reverse of this Proof-quality coin. His pioneering work, ‘The Birds of Australia’, introduced the world to our country’s unique birdlife through stunning illustrations –featured in this magnificent legal tender coin collection.

1oz of 99.9% PURE SILVER awaits at the end of this rainbow… The reverse features a vibrant depiction of two Rainbow Lorikeets perched on flowering gum tree. Nature’s palette has been enhanced with Digital Colour minting, ensuring the Rainbow Lorikeet’s radiant blue, green, yellow, and orange plumage are shown off to full effect. With a worldwide mintage limited to just 750 coins, each accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, this coin will be a sell out and is essential for a complete collection.