Centenary of Federation 2001 50c Cu-Ni Coin Pack

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This commemorative coin was released as part of the Centenary of Federation 50c series. Comprising ten coins, the series is a critical element of Australian decimal collecting - it features Australia's lowest-mintage circulating 50c types!

The Federation 50c series was struck to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Australian nationhood. Along with nine coins honouring a separate state or territory, the series featured a tenth - this coin! - bearing the Australian Coat of Arms. Taking up the full breadth of the coin's reverse, the Coat of Arms is imposing and unmistakable. It's hard to imagine a more official-looking legal tender issue!

The 2001 Centenary of Federation 50c is a unique, one-year-only legal tender type, so it's crucial for a complete collection. Now 17 years post-release, it's hard to find in change in pristine Uncirculated condition