Decimal Currency 25th Anniversary 1991 50c Ram's Head Cu-Ni Coin Pack

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1991 marked 25 years since the introduction of Decimal Currency into the Australian way of life. To celebrate, the Royal Australian Mint issued the Decimal Currency 25th Anniversary Ram's Head 50c coin - an eye-catching commemorative release.

With a reverse motif inspired by the iconic 'Ram's Head' shilling design, this imposing coin is immediately recognisable. Attractive, noticeable circulating commemoratives are always the first to disappear from circulation as they're fast hoarded away by canny collectors. Add to this a original mintage of just 4.7 million, and it's little wonder this coin is rarely seen in change!

According to the Royal Australian Mint, the original 'shilling ram' was a prize-winning merino spotted at the Annual Sydney Sheep Show in 1932 - nearly 60 years before this coin was struck! A must-have for a complete decimal collection,