Kookaburied Zombucks 1oz Silver Round

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Witness the global spread of the zombie apocalypse through the captivating Zombucks World Series. In this second design, the kookaburra, a once majestic bird of flight, is depicted in its decaying state, showcasing the unstoppable force of the undead.


On the obverse of the Silver Zombucks World Kookaburied Round, a haunting image of a zombie kookaburra in left-profile relief awaits. Its body is in a state of decay, with fallen-out eyes, rotting flesh, and bare, skeletal wings – a testament to the relentless march of the apocalypse. Inscriptions on this side read KOOKABURIED, 2026, and the face value of 75 zombucks. The dates on these rounds reflect the futuristic setting of the zombie apocalypse.


Flip the round over, and you’ll find the common design element used throughout the Zombucks collections on the reverse side. The well-known biohazard design with particles floating in the background field adds to the apocalyptic atmosphere. The top edge is engraved with the series theme, “ZOMBUCKS CURRENCY OF THE APOCALYPSE,” while 1 OZ. .999 FINE SILVER is engraved along the bottom.