Marcus Julius Severus Philippus 244-247 AD Silver Antoninianus EF

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Marcus Julius Severus Philippus, as Caesar under his father Phillip I

(3.86g, 21mm
) Rome mint 244-247 AD.

Obverse: Radiate-crowned, 
draped and cuirassed bust of Philip II ‘the younger’ facing to the right, legend surrounds, “M IVL PHILIPPVS CAES”.

Reverse: Philip II stands facing to the left, wearing military attire and holding globe aloft in right hand and inverted spear in left, legend surrounds, “PRINCIPI IVVENT”. RIC-218d

Marcus Julius Severus Philippus, commonly known as Philip the Arab, was a Roman Emperor who ruled from AD 244 to 249 during the tumultuous period known as the Crisis of the Third Century. Born into an Arab family in Roman-controlled Arabia, Philip rose through the ranks of the military and eventually seized power after the assassination of the previous emperor, Gordian III. His reign was marked by attempts to stabilize the empire through diplomatic measures, including treaties with the Sassanid Empire in the east and various Germanic tribes in the north. Philip also implemented administrative reforms and promoted economic development, earning him praise among some historians for his efforts to mitigate the effects of the crisis. However, his reign ended abruptly with his defeat by the forces of Decius at the Battle of Verona in AD 249, leading to his assassination and the ascension of Decius to the imperial throne. Despite his relatively short reign, Philip's legacy as the first Roman emperor of Arab descent and his attempts at reform during a challenging period in Roman history continue to be subjects of historical interest and debate.