Mars from Phobos 2024 $100 1oz Gold Proof Coin

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Get ready to expand your horizons with our latest cosmic coin! The Mars from Phobos 2024 $100 1oz Gold Proof Coin depicts an awe-inspiring view of the Red Planet from the dusty surface of its largest moon, Phobos. Extremely exclusive legal tender, collectors and space enthusiasts alike will be on a mission to own & experience the majesty of Mars!

This is your golden, and only, opportunity to take in Mars from the silent, alien moon of Phobos, where a lone astronaut stands awe-struck by the ethereal beauty of the red planet in extreme close-up. Spectacularly struck in DIGITAL COLOUR, Mars is overwhelming and exquisitely detailed! Its intense red hues are framed by the colours of the cosmos, and complimented by the 99.99% PURE GOLD surface of its moon.

Only 99 of the luckiest collectors in this solar system will have the opportunity to own this unique, Proof-quality coin.