Netherlands 2019 Proof 1/10oz Gold Ducat Coin

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The route to the East
Up to and including 2021 we explore four international trade routes based on the wind directions, where the Golden Ducat played an important role. The Golden Ducat 2019 is decorated with acanthus leaves, shells and a VOC ship. We continue our journey to the east, towards Asia. In addition to the Batavia administrative center, there were many different trading posts in several countries, founded by the Dutch East India Company. To facilitate maritime trade, the Dutch company minted their own coins, including the Golden Ducats. The coins were used for the payment of shiploads.

About Golden Ducats
The Ducat has always been a strong currency. The Royal Dutch Mint annually strikes Golden Ducats, from originals from the 16th and 18th centuries. The trusted international trade coin is engraved with a historical image; a knight in armor with arrows, designed by engraver Johan Willem Marmé. He was from 1763 to 1795 the engraver of the provincial and urban Mint of Utrecht.

Total mintage: 798