One Pound 1932 Riddle/Sheehan Thick Signature VG

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Denomination One Pound
Year 1932
Signatures Riddle/Sheehan
Grade Very Good

Note: This particular note features the thick signature of Harry Sheehan which is less common than the thin variety.

The 1932 One Pound note represents Australia's economic transition during the Great Depression. Issued amidst the global economic downturn, this banknote was issued immediately following Australia's departure from the gold standard in 1931, a pivotal policy shift aimed at alleviating economic pressures. The decision to abandon the gold standard, which pegged the value of currency to a fixed quantity of gold, allowed greater flexibility in monetary policy and facilitated economic recovery efforts.

This banknote serves as a tangible reminder of the era's economic challenges and the nation's adaptive response to the changing financial landscape.