Peacock 2024 $1 Gold-plated 1oz Silver Proof Coin

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Introducing the dazzling Peacock 2024 $1 Gold-plated 1oz Silver Proof Coin, a flamboyant masterpiece showcasing exquisite numismatic artistry, exclusivity and a fusion of precious metals! Just like it’s subject, this Niue legal tender is a real show-stopper, paying tribute to the vibrant allure of the peacock.

The reverse is an intricate celebration of the resplendent plumage of the peacock. Framed by a detailed fan of the patterned feathers, the peacock itself has been highlighted in GENUINE 24-CARAT GOLD, its plumage standing out breathtakingly against the 1oz of PURE 99.9% SILVER!

All eyes will be on this enviable coin, certain to captivate collectors with its beauty and rarity. A strict mintage of just 1,000 coins has been set, which means your will have to act fast to secure yours – a treasure worth preening over!