Year of the Dragon Quadrant 2024 1oz Silver Proof Coloured Four-Coin Set

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Symbol of good fortune

The dragon is significant in traditional Chinese culture as a symbol of wealth, wisdom, and good fortune. It is considered particularly lucky to be born in the Year of the Dragon, which occurs every 12 years, including 2024. Bestowed with instinctive bravery, persistence, and intelligence, those born under the influence of the auspicious beast are regarded as ambitious, charismatic, and successful.

Coloured dragons

The coloured artistry of each coin in this set come together to create a seamlessly blended image. The top coin depicts Ao Shun, the Black Dragon, on top of a mountain; the right-hand coin depicts Ao Guang, the Azure Dragon, near a rocky waterfall; the bottom coin depicts Ao Qin, the Red Dragon, splashing in a river; the left-hand coin depicts Ao Run, the White Dragon, with forked lightning in the sky.